Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Wheels Are Spinning

I am now reading the next book by Dr. Brian Weiss “Through Time into Healing”. Basically the book recounts stories from many of the people in which he has hypnotized and “helped”. I strongly hesitate to use the word “cured” but instead selected cured. I do not have any aliments that need curing unless you count a broken heart as an aliment. Instead I want answers.

I gave the first book “Many Lives, Many Masters” to someone else to read, someone who is equally as skeptical as me and whose opinion I value and trust. They are very intrigued by the book as well.

So with that said…I am seriously considering seeing a hypnotist. And yes, feel free to insert references to the movie Office Space now…I know that it sounds totally crazy and absurd. Had you asked me three years ago about going to see a Hypnotist I would have given my smart–ass smirk and said “uh, I don’t think so”. Now, I figure what the hell…what do I have to lose. This is something I would have never done previously, I mean absolutely never, but I’m seriously considering it. The entire concept of recalling past lives through hypnotism has me very curious.

It will either prove or disprove my own skepticism. I could either find some answers or have a lot more questions. I’m seeking something...something which I can’t explain in great detail. Not entirely about getting all the answers, but more about the reasoning and logic behind it.

And again, no, I am not going crazy or losing my mind. This is very different for me. I am as straight laced as they come. I walk the line and very rarely deviate from it. It’s not a mid-life crisis…that would me buying a Porsche. This is something that I think would be fun, intriguing, exciting and a little scary…definitely outside of my personal comfort zone.

The hard part seems to be finding a “legitimate” hypnotist. I can’t help but laugh at that sentence myself…a “legitimate” Hypnotist as opposed to a carnival side show act…nice.

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  1. I say you do WHATEVER you feel you need to do. You never know what may help you. Give it a try. Why not? If nothing else, you will get a good laugh.
    But, what if it does help?


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