Friday, March 12, 2010

The Weekend

It’s the weekend…and it couldn’t have arrived fast enough. It’s going to rain here in the Burgh all weekend, but I am totally burnt out and need the weekend to recharge my batteries. It’s been a long, long week at work, month and year so far.

We (me and the girls) are attending the Indian Princess sleepover at the Science Center in downtown Pittsburgh on Saturday. It should be fun and at least it’s only one night (I say that because at least we have Sunday to recover). Both girls are really excited and very much looking forward to it.

This month is just so busy. Between work, the IP sleepover , starting the Caring Place, we are going to a Wheeling Nailers hockey game next weekend, and soccer starts back up in two weeks, the month of March is booked.

At least my mood has improved and that is directly related to the warmer weather. The yard is visible for the first time in months…and I am already itching to get out there and do some landscaping work. I love working outside working in the dirt. It’s an instant gratification thing for me. As opposed to painting inside or spring cleaning which no one sees. The outside is visible to everyone and it’s more satisfying for some reason.

I’m really, really looking forward to enjoying the new deck this spring / summer. I fully anticipate summers night sitting on the deck, hanging out, eating outside and having a glass of wine. After it gets dark breaking out the telescope and just hanging out, nerdy I know, but cool none the less to me. Plus the girls really like looking at the moon through the telescope.

Yep…spring can’t get here fast enough...


  1. You and Rob will need to compare notes on how it is waking up after sleeping on the floor at a museum. As you saw, Aidan's Tiger Cubs has a Camp In at The Franklin Institute in Philly tonight. Have fun on your sleep-over. All good memories.

    After I had the twins and I was dealing with 3 children age two and under, 3 children in get the drift..I needed a break sometimes. (wonder why?) I discovered gardening and it was therapy. I wish I had more time for it now, my flower beds aren't looking so great lately, but I do love it. It is very theraputic to be outside, in the fresh air, getting your hands dirty. Since we did lose a few bushes and things this winter (another reason to hate the snow), I look forward to researching and planting some new things.
    Glad you have some things you are looking forward to. That is a good sign and important.

  2. I agree that all the snow being gone makes for a way better mood. You do sound so busy, but you also sound like your a kick ass Dad!


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