Monday, March 29, 2010

I Made a Couple Decisions

First, I linked my blog to my Face Book account and created a space for it because I want people to know that I am doing okay. Replying back to emails and trying to blog is getting somewhat complex so I decided to open it up (the blog) to everyone and throw it out there...might be a mistake I don't know, just have to wait and see.

Second, I am getting more serious about the idea of writing a book. I want people, in particular Husbands and Dad's, to know that they will make it through the unfortunate experience of losing a wife and Mother to their children. I have been getting more and more emails from people all over saying that they stumbled upon my blog and that it is helping them cope and handle certain situations.

It is very gratifying to me to receive emails from folks saying that the blog is actually helping them get through their own grief. Some people cannot express things, some won't, some don't know how...if by reading my rants and thoughts it gives them a little validity that it is okay to feel a certain way then that is good in my opinion. I started putting together an outline for chapters / discussion points and I am attempting to fill in some content.

I appreciate the emails and the phone calls I sincerely do. Getting so much positive reinforcement is absolutely awesome and inspiring. I do not know what I would do without the support of my family and friends. Which in a way also adds more fuel to the fire for me wanting to write a book about this entire experience. I realize that other folk's situations will be different then mine, but for some reason in which I can't explain at the moment, I want to help other folks make it through just like I have been helped by so many of my friends and family.


  1. I think you should follow your instincts about writing. Speaking for myself, I feel very honored to be among those that you initially chose to share this with. I’m sure that by opening it up further you will touch others as you have touched me and those of us who have been following your journey for a while now. I think it’s a beautiful and deeply personal gift that you are able to give. I’m glad our words of encouragement can help, in some small way, to spur you on.

  2. Bill I found this post as you were writing it. I tried to leave a comment it wouldn't work so I looked at the time and that was the time posted.I haven't searched for greif sites in months and I searched at the same time you were writing.I know its just coincedence but sometimes coincedence is the only event required to make a huge difference. My wife passed in August 2009 as well. I have two daughters. I also have not had much luck finding information for dads in our situation. I think a book is due. I'm ready to share what I've seen and been through when your ready to start writing. Great job man. Hang in there.

  3. Bill, I know I have mentioned this to you before, but I think that your idea of a book is such a good one. It would be beneficial in so many ways. Lots of reasons come right to mind. It would help you, it would help many others, and it would be a beautiful way of showing your daughters (especially when they get older) how deeply their dad loved and cared for their amazing mom. I think children thrive on love. Remember lots of people are pulling for you.~


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