Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Ramblings

Theses are truly some random rants…

I love my new iPod touch…much better then my iPod classic.

I am totally exhausted…I have been sleeping okay, but I am just totally wiped out.

I’m looking forward to Spring.

I’m also looking forward to some Spring Organizing.

I’m NOT looking forward to going through Jen’s closet, dresser and clothes. If anyone has any good thoughts, about what to do with all Jen’s clothes I would appreciate the suggestions. I’m going to save some things for the girls, but should I just donate the rest to Goodwill or some other charity?

I am seriously considering or contemplating the horrible….terrible…despicable “D” word…Dating. As I said in a previous post…I hate being alone…

I am NOT a good “dater“…people tend to not like total and complete honesty…and that’s what you get with me…if you ask me a question…you will get a honest answer. I do not play “dating” games…so I’m thinking this will be a horrible experience…

I love adding “…” after sentences or phrases…especially knowing that it bothers the crap out of people…

I’m going to go pick out some new furniture for the deck.

I need to find some inspiration…I need to get my butt in gear at work. I’m sick of listening to others issues and problems…

I think both of my daughters are pretty damn clever…of course I’m biased on this…but they are so wise and have such a good sense of humor…every day I see more and more of Jen in both of them.

I need a vacation…but have no desire to travel by myself.

And finally…dot dot dot…


  1. For the easiest way to donate, I like to call the Vets, I can put all the stuff out the front door and they come the day they say they will and pick it all up and leave me a receipt. I am not sure if there is a better organization to donate to but they do make money off the stuff and the clothes go into the local thrift shops.

  2. The Salvation Army may accept clothing. I also remember reading something in the paper two or three years ago about an organization that accepts suits for women coming out of prison. Not sure if your wife had any of those, and I have no idea of the org.

    You might also want to consider making a quilt out of some of her clothes. It would be a nice, meaningful way to save some clothes that remind you and your girls of your wife. I know Joann Fabrics offers a quilting class, or you could probably find someone on Craig's List or elsewhere to do it.

    Good luck with dating. I am sure most women would appreciate your honesty. And for those who want to play games, why would you want to be with them anyway?

  3. Hey Bill,
    When you mentioned donating Jen's things my thoughts went to donating to others who want to get back on their feet and need help doing so. Letting Jen be an angel to those in need. Is there a local woman's shelter, like what we have called Homefront. They have a shelter and they also help moms and their children get back on their feet, usually after they are victims of domestic violence. They get apartments, job training, etc. While the Vets is a great way to go for many things, as someone said. I think it would be nice to do something Jen would have wanted, to help other women in their quest to be strong and independent.

    I would consider the quilt idea for the girls. I bet it would be interesting to let them each find X amount of items that remind them of their mom. I would even go further in saying, when they pick items, you write down the memory that item stirs up. Maybe a scarf when they built a snowman last winter, or of course, a steelers sweatshirt (for obvious reasons and you can't veto their team pick!)...I wonder if the PTA has a name of some moms who quilt. Or maybe at a retirement center or a church group. Those old ladies would probably feel blessed to do that for your girls.

    Dating, honestly, I don't think women our age group want BS either. I think you are OK with that. I am sure they will be smitten when you speak of the girls. You are a good dad and the"ladies" like that! :) Your heart will tell you when its time to start that adventure. Good luck with it.

  4. It's fun to just let the thoughts roll sometimes, isn't it?
    One comment...Don't underestimate the power or the appeal of direct honesty. Yes, unfortunately, some women settle for a lot less than honesty. They hear what they want to hear and they are so insecure that ultimately they don't care about the truth. But I have to believe that most (adult :) women out there have nothing but a deep appreciation for a man who can be real and honest...
    (I like ending with...too.:)

  5. We have an organization down here that helps women get the right clothes for a job interview. I will have to get the name of it and see if they have a chapter up there. I am sure her work clothes would be a great help to woman that might not be able to afford a power interview outfit.

  6. Bill,

    I love this post. This is what a blog is all about....putting your thoughts on paper. I know you think so but you are doing really well. You are! Give yourself a break.

  7. Hi. I just found your blog and am reading back a bit (well, I got this far back and stopped here to comment). I am so sorry for your and your girls' loss.

    If you haven't already decided on a charity, you may want to look into Dress for Success (provides professional attire to low income women who are trying to land a job, but it's structured with consultants and not just a free giveaway).

    I found when my first husband, and later my father in law, passed away, their good friends wanted something of theirs to keep (a piece of jewelry, a golf club because they played golf together, a tie, etc.), so before you donate everything, you might want to make it known and give others an opportunity to make any requests you might be willing to accommodate.


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