Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day…March 17th. Normally this would be a really good day in our household and not because of some limited Irish ancestry. March 17th is Jen’s birthday. She would have been 39 years old. I asked the girls if they wanted to do anything special for Mom’s birthday and they said they wanted to make a clover leafs and attach pictures of Jen so that’s what we are doing.

Thirty nine years old. When I start to think that she didn’t even make it to 39 it starts to get me upset all over again. I can remember being in my early 20’s and a relative of mine was turning 39 and I thought to myself…39 is so friggin old. Well, I am obviously older now and 39 doesn’t seem so old anymore. Jen never got to see 39…I can only imagine what this birthday would have been like and what all of our lives would have been like if not for that damn tumor.

I have much more to write…but I’m going to wait for later…

We start the Caring Place tonight and the timing couldn’t be better…for the girls sake and for me.

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  1. It is so nice that you and the girls are going to do a project in honor of their Mommy. I hope that the Caring Place will help to give you all some peace that you need.


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