Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life is a lot Harder without Mommy

Kids are funny. They say things at times when you just don’t expect it. Mornings during the week at our house are…pretty much a circus. Getting ready for work and also trying to wake two kids who are NOT morning people up is always very interesting to say the least. Getting them out of bed, dressed, fed a decent breakfast, teeth brushed, hair brushed, suited up for winter, back packs on and at the school bus stop is usually pure pandemonium.

In the middle of the chaos this morning my five year old said to me, “life sure is harder without Mommy here”. My heart sort of jumped into my throat. I stopped rushing and talked to her about it…some things are more important this missing the bus and I knew this was one of them. I told her that she was right, it was harder, but that’s why we all need to look after each other. We are a family and we all take care of one another. She looked at me with that inquisitive look that she has, her finger strategically placed on her temple as in deep thought and said “you’re not going to die are you Dad?”.

Second frog in my throat…”no kiddo I’m not going anywhere”. With that she continued brushing her teeth and told me to hurry up so we don’t miss the school bus.

It sort of puts things in perspective for me…I can’t wait to get home just to hug both of them.

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  1. Heartbreaking. And Poignant.
    You are leaving a beautiful tribute to your wife and daughters with this blog.
    I wish you peace...


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