Monday, April 12, 2010

The Weekend Wrap Up - Sunday

Sunday Morning
It is standard practice on Sunday mornings that we always watch the CBS Sunday Morning show at 9:00am. I flipped it on without giving it a second thought as I do every Sunday morning and one of the feature stories is on "How Children Mourn". Here is a link to the story;photovideo

Katie Couric on How Children Mourn
Treating Death as Taboo Makes It More Difficult for the 2 Million Children Who Have Lost a Parent to Deal With Grief

I am glad they were not here to see it...but it was hard to watch...alone.

The girls came home at 11:30am on Sunday morning. After lunch, I spent all day cleaning out the garage. It desperately needed it and was long overdue for a cleaning and some organizing. I had plenty of “help” from the girls in deciding which pile things belonged in, either the Keep or Pitch pile. While doing so Abbie asked if she could have a piece of wood that was sitting in one of the appropriate piles, so I said sure.

A Piece of Wood
Later on Abbie came back with the piece of wood and showed me…here it is.

Let's just say it took everything I had not to basically lose it right there in the driveway.

She asked if we could place it under a tree that we planted for Mother’s Day back in 2006 (the three of us planting the tree).

Here is the tree now...

I am going to look into how much it would cost to have a little monument made up and have the words etched or engraved and place it at the tree…I am thinking it would be a good Mother’s Day gift. It is something that I would have never thought of...and honestly, it made my entire weekend...


  1. That's wonderful ... what an unbelievably insightful sentiment from such a little one :-).

  2. That is just beautiful. What a smart and sweet daughter you have. Not sure what kind of wood it is but maybe you could put a clear varnish over it so it will last longer.

  3. Bill, I think they are starting to heal and able to remember the love they have for Jen. Wonderful story. Love the photos. Also love that you daughter at her age understands so much. If they are not angery then you are doing a great job.


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