Monday, April 12, 2010

The Weekend Wrap Up - Saturday

On Saturday, Soccer started back up. I help coach both of my daughter's teams. We played Allie’s game first (U-6) and everything went fine. She did really well and had a smile on her face the entire time. She has gotten bigger, faster and more engaged since the Fall soccer season. All the kids seem to enjoy themselves and have fun. After the game was over and we shook the other teams hands and ran up to Abbie’s field for her game.

Abbie plays in the next age group up (U-8) so things are just a little more serious. The referee inspects the kids to make sure they have the proper equipment before the game starts. The referee noticed that Abbie was wearing earrings and told her that they had to come out before the game started. Abbie did really well, she actually scored two goals and was quite proud of herself (she did not score once in the Fall soccer season).

The Missing Earring

After the game I asked someone else, if she would put Abbie’s earring back in since I am horrible at stuff like that (I have non-jewelry friendly fingers). Sure enough as she tried to get the earring back in her ear, it fell to the ground. We looked for 10 minutes and could not find that earring anywhere. Abbie got upset she thought the holes in her ears would close back up…even though I assured her they would not.

When we got home I found a pair of small earrings that belonged to Jen and said to Abbie she could wear these, I was thinking it would alleviate her concern about her holes closing back up. She asked me where I got the earrings from so I told her “they were Mom’s earrings”. She would not wear them and asked me to go put them back. I thought I was doing something good but she wanted nothing to do with Jen’s old earrings, which left me a little puzzled. I put the earrings away back in Jen's jewelry box.

Saturday night both girls had a sleepover at a friend's house so I had the entire house to myself. Which I thought sounded great until I got home. The first thing you notice is how quiet a house is without a couple of little goofballs running after each other and yelling about something. It was nice to watch some TV and do whatever I wanted, but it was not so nice being all alone in the house. I felt kind of strange and I did not even feel like writing about it...on to Sunday...

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