Thursday, April 29, 2010

Best Friends

So, this entry will be a little different. Another reason I have been in a foul mood lately is because one of my best friends is leaving. Before I get into it...let me offer up some background.

I have many people that I call and consider friends but very few "best" friends. I have some trust issues and I just don't let too many people get close to me. I have been living in the Burgh for 12 .5 years now and I would say I have three best friends in the Burgh. Three people that I confide in and discuss the things that are important to me, that scare me and that drive / motivate me and make me who and what I am . These three people know a lot about what's inside my head and why.

I know people who say they many best friends and that's great. Me, I choose to have a select few because I know that I could ask any one of these three people for ANYTHING and they would do it for me...and in return, I would do ANYTHING for them. That is something very special and very rare in my humble opinion.

One of my best friends is also my coworker. We have worked together on some big projects over the years and have developed from coworkers into good friends...and then into best friends. That person is leaving the company. An opportunity fell into their lap that they couldn't refuse. When they asked me what they should do - I selfishly wanted to say "stay, don't go"...but what kind of friend would I be had I said that. I encouraged them and told them that the opportunity was too good to pass up, but that they needed to think about it and ultimately they would know what to do.

So, why so sad...what's the big deal? My best friend is getting another job...a job that I encouraged them to take. We will still talk, IM, gTalk, send messages on FaceBook,'s all good right? I hope so...but the truth is I'm scared. My security blanket is going away. The person who held me in "check" from a professional sense, the person that could come into my office and say, "uh, you are wrong" or "uh, you just acted like a total ass you know that right" is leaving. That's the work side...the personal side is different.

This person protected me and helped me keep it together over the last two years. This person checked on me daily to make sure I was okay. This person assured me that I had the strength and courage to continue when I didn't know if I could. This person told me that it would be okay is going away and being completely honest - it just plain scares the hell out of me. The worse part...I don't know if this person actually realizes how important, how much I trust, value and respect our friendship and what it truly means to me. I certainly hope they know. I have told them so I hope they know.

I also lose one of the few people who I could openly vent to about, personal, anything that was on my mind. One of the few people that understands me...all my mood shifts, my quirks, my different sense of humor - someone who you can just be yourself around and not have to worry about anything.

So maybe people will read this and think what is wrong with this guy? But I'm just not that way with too many people. I feel very fortunate to have developed this close friendship, and now it's about to change. This too will pass...I know...maybe the feelings are strong because it's been a rough couple of weeks...I hope so. I also know that after reading this entry my best friend will read this and be a little pissed at me. That's okay...because I also know that they will figure out why I had to write about it...because they "get it"...because they understand me... it's not goodbye...but I will miss seeing you everyday...


  1. First of all - though I am not an English teacher, I believe you should not refer to a single person as "them" or "they". And don't give me your line of sh*t about your hot 7th grade English teacher and how you couldn't concentrate - blah blah blah!

    In all seriousness - wow - you never cease to amaze me with you kindness and compassion - I was very surprised to see you putting this all out there, but I am so very touched! We have talked about this change... This friendship is very important to both of us. I am not sure how it came to be that way, but it just did. You are not LOSING me, and I certainly better not be losing you!

    This situation is a little scary for both of us. And I really don't think you realize how important your friendship is to me either. The talks, the jokes, the fun book club meetings, the complete uninhibited honesty, the trust, the mutual respect and understanding, the very real connection...

    I have told you that you bring out the best in me, and it is so true. You make me want to be a better person, and it is a great feeling! That can't change - I won't let it! The hardest past of this change is going to be not seeing you everyday - without a doubt I am dreading that part of this situation more than anything else.

    Bill, you mean the world to me and this friendship transcends the four walls of the Asylum. We may need to work a little harder at it, but it is so worth it!

    Now I am going to go dry my eyes and stop bawling like a little girl.

  2. What is wrong with you two? You live like 5 miles away from each other... I on the other hand have to continue my relationships with the both of you virtually from 300 miles away - make special trips to the Burg for "in person" conversations..., hope that you respond to emails/IMs when I'm able to reach out to you. Stop being so sappy :) ... a new job for one is a new beginning for you both... think about it...


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