Monday, January 25, 2010


I have been participating in a study through UPMC - Mind-body Interactions in Neuro-oncology for Family Caregivers.

I was the main Caregiver for Jen through our entire experience. I offered to continue with the study even after her passing. I figure if the results can help others…then why not. I have to wear a device strapped to my arm 24 hours a day for three straight days. I take the device off only when I shower. The device monitors my heart rate, blood pressure and calculates different stress levels. Then afterwards I have to answer a series of questions in a phone interview.

The questions are basically about me and how I am doing physically and mentally. This past time was my first since Jen’s passing and the questions were very different.

For Example

- Knowing what I know now – would you still have married Jennifer?
- Would I still of wanted a family and had kids?
- Has your overall feelings towards Jennifer changed at all?
- Do you feel more or less love towards Jennifer

Really some tough and direct questions…I was a little taken back at first…I really hope some good comes from the study.

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