Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This sounds funny but in the past when I have needed some inspiration there is one place that always gave me some…the Art museum. I’m thinking a trip…alone…to the museum is long overdue.

The holidays are over…I survived….I had to for my girls sake.

The grey winter continues…I will make it…even if I am just going through the motions.

I need some inspiration.

This weekend the girls are both going to a sleep over. I think a trip to the museum is in order. Will it be a little bitter sweet, of course, but I need it. One of the best memories I have is taking Jen to the Philadelphia Art Museum when we lived back in NJ.

Jen wasn’t a real Art Museum type person when we first me, and she told me so. I had been there so many times that I felt pretty confident in telling her “let me show you the museum then tell me what you think”. We walked through each room, the various galleries and I told her little tidbits about each painting, a certain room, a piece of furniture etc. Even I was a little impressed with how much I knew about the museum. When we left she said that it was an awesome day. I didn’t know if she was just saying that to be nice or what. About a month later she said she needed to get out and feel “inspired”…she asked to go back to the museum…that was very cool.

I’m not driving back to Philly, but I think a trip to the Carnegie is in order. I need some “inspiration”!

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