Monday, January 11, 2010

What I Miss

I miss many things…here are the less obvious things that I miss…

• The morning kiss goodbye followed by “have a good day – I love you”
• Hearing her voice, especially during a crazy day when nothing seems to be going right
• Having someone who gets my smartass sense of humor
• Having someone tell me “you’re not wearing those pants with that shirt, they don’t match”
• Having someone who loves 80’s music as much as me
• Having someone make up my mind for me
• Comparing notes about how our days were
• Along with that…just talking in general
• I miss doing something small or trivial and Jen saying “thank you”
• Sitting on the couch together and watching TV
• I miss each of us having a kid on our lap
• Hanging out having a glass of wine, cheese and crackers and just chilling out
• The sound of the garage door opening and the kids running to the door because “Mom was home”
• The walk-by kiss
• The walk-by butt grab
• The wink she would give me in a crowded room that always made me smirk
• The last phone call of the day before heading home
• That feeling of being content after a great weekend (especially after all four of us did something really fun)
• The two of us tucking the kids into their bed
• Having a warm body to snuggle up to in bed
• The Sunday routine - Sunday breakfast, the Sunday Morning Show, Coffee, the paper and just slowing down for a few hours
• I miss being a couple
• Feeling…complete

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  1. Bill, I know I'm not telling you something new, but this list will be so wonderful for your daughters to have to read some day. What a gift for both of them to know how much their dad loved their mom. They will know, that they are here and part of your life, because two people meant so much to each other.


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