Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Post It Notes


  1. I love your post it notes...

    I always seem to get in the wrong line at airport security. Now (thank goodness) I get to fast-lane it!

    Take consolation in knowing that Steve Carell announced that he is leaving The Office…

    I can be clueless about those things too…remember the Palace Guard in London? You set me straight on that one!

    It sounds like you have been thinking about a trip to the ocean for a while now – you should do it! Although between the oil spill and the hurricanes, you might want to wait a bit ;).

    Oh and 40? Didn’t you hear? 40 is totally the new 20 ;).

    Thanks for making me smile.

  2. Does age matter past 40? Take it from someone who knows -- life begins at (are you ready for this?) 70. So I've been told by a friend who passed that landmark a couple of years ago and raises the bar each decade. He gets mellower and happier each year, and just married his third wife after burying two.

  3. if i were the woman driving and hit your car and you got out trying to unleash a wrath on me - i'd bet a million dollars you would have been the one walking away with your tail between your legs. You would have looked at me and never thought for one second that I was born and raised on Larimer Avenue (yes i am a white female) and spent my entire childhood and teen years having to fight my way through my own neighborhood. That being said, i guarantee you if i had felt threatened i would have knocked you on your ass. If it were a man driving that car you wouldn't have even thought of acting that way.


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