Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly Recap


We went to the Caring Place on Tuesday. We did something unexpected - Abbie's age group room released balloons into the sky with a note attached to the person who died. Abbie wrote the note to Jen, when it came time to release it, Abbie held on saying "she didn't want to let go". It took everything I had to not lose it right there on the spot. She eventually let go and we watched it float away...

School is Out

School ended this week, but before it ended I had the distinct pleasure of being the last guest reader for Abbie's second grade class. It was so, so cool...I tried to pick a book that would be appeal to both second grade boys and girls - I ended up with "How I Became a Pirate". The class was really into it and the smile on Abbie's face was absolutely priceless.

Back to NJ

My Mom took the girls back to New Jersey, where I grew up to visit my family. The girls were so excited to go and they are having a great time. Visiting, swimming, playing it sounds like they are having an absolute blast, which makes me happy. So...being home a very different experience. The house is quiet, way to quiet without a couple goofballs running around.

My friends and neighbors know me pretty well...they have bombarded me with gracious invitations for dinner, activities you name it - if that sounds in any way mean I do NOT intend that. I am very lucky to have some awesome friends and some great neighbors who truly care for me. Between the "Pop-ins" the phone calls, the emails etc...everyone is making sure I'm doing okay and I do sincerely appreciate it.

This coming week should be interesting - I'm going to do my best to stay busy and get as much done as possible. I seem to be okay as long as I stay occupied...idle time just makes me think...and it's weird to say but too much thinking it a bad least for me.

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