Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day 2010, it's a very bittersweet day for me. I take a huge amount of pride in being a good Father. I don't mean for that to sound arrogant in any way shape or form, but one of my life's missions is to be an awesome Dad for my girls.

Even before Jen got sick, I was determined to be a good Father. I didn't have the best Dad growing up (that is an entirely other entry) so I have always been determined to be a good Dad for my kids. I like to think I'm doing's certainly not easy, but at least for now I have a really good relationship with my girls and I'm a very actively involved participant in their lives.

Last year on Father's Day Jen was here, but not really. It was right after we got back from UVA and things were going downhill quickly. I often let my mind wonder and drift and think about what things would be like if she were still here. Not for too long because I just can't let myself drift for too long...I just can't.

My advice for all of you who read this is this - I hate to sound all preachy but...hug your kids, call your Dad today - even I will be calling my Dad...don't take life for granted...just don' never know what life may bring you, tell those close to you how you feel and remember their may not be a tomorrow so do it today. That's all I have...I warned any and all reader that this would be a tough summer for doesn't "officially" start until Monday and I'm already emotionally spent...happy Father's Day.


  1. Bill, I hope you have a nice Father's Day. You deserve it.

    Your advice is sound. I have had a tenuous relationship with my dad, and I think it was a Father's Day years ago that got us talking again. Had I not made that phone call, he might not have been at my wedding (and we might not be in touch today), so for that I am grateful.

    Hang in there.

  2. Hope you have a great fathers day Bill. You seem like a wonderful father, for all you are doing for your girls, you are setting such a good example for them of what a good man is. Hang in there. Enjoy your day for what it is. Being blessed to have two such amazing children in your life who will always love you no matter what:-)

  3. I hope you had a great Father's Day - time with your girls, etc. You definitely deserve it, don't you? Your advice is great, btw. My Dad died four years ago - too young - cancer (awful disease, isn't it?). He was one of the best people, and... for years... a rift in our family kept me from him (not between he and I, but .... it was tricky). I would see him, but it wasn't the same. After he died, everyone seemed to finally realize the wasted years - but, by then, as you can guess, it was too late. You don't get that time back. Anyway, I'm sure you are the world to your girls right now. Have a good week (chaos and all :-).

  4. Great advice Bill~

    My family is pretty big (7 children). When we were all kids there were the normal squabbles but for some reason or another as adults with choices & mistakes amongst us, it drove a rift with some of us and people stopped talking to each other. (I agree with the other comment, 'it's complicated'.) But it turned out my father got cancer, & family members started to put the 'unimportant' things out of the way and started seeing what matters the
    most. Like being there for each other, forgiving when it's called for and making wonderful memories with the ones we love. My dad is doing well after treatments.(he had lymphomia) (sp?)

    This is the first Dad's Day in a long time, I wasn't home to bake him a 'care package', & when I called to apoligize, my dad said, as much as he likes cookies :) it was the calls & love felt from his children that made his day. =)

    It's the first day of summer~ As a great dad, I know your going to make some special memories for your girls.

    Take care~

  5. Hey Bill,

    I hope you had a Wonderful Father's Day. Sorry for my belated wishes. As you know, I just returned from Asia to embark on Father's Day myself - life is full and busy, as usual :).

    I love what you wrote and it's so true... It's the little moments in life when we realize what's important that are truly the big moments.


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