Monday, May 9, 2011

A New Title

Time to Change the Name

So it just dawned on me that I need to change the title of my blog. After next week I will no longer be single so “Inside the Head of a Grieving Single Dad” doesn’t work anymore.

Some possible new titles…

- Bill’s Blog
- Inside Bill’s Head
- Bill’s Modern Family
- My New Modern Family
- My Version of Modern Family
- Remarried Widower
- A Remarried Widower’s Take on His New Modern Family
- From Three to Six
- New Beginnings
- From a Widower to a Modern Family

Any of the above still seem better then “Inside the Head of a Widower with two little girls who is now remarried and the father of two little girls, a stepdaughter and a stepson”, but I need to think it through a little more.

Any comments or feedback is welcomed…I’m leaning towards either “From Three to Six”…sounds kind of cool to me… or “A Remarried Widower’s Take on His New Modern Family”…keeps the old blog theme or simply “Bill’s Blog”…which is simple, but also kind of boring.


  1. Hmmm...I'll think on it, but I like your choices and I also like "New Beginnings". Here's another - "Reemerging and Merging"... :)

  2. At the risk of offending you or someone else, my two cents is that "widower" sounds old (not that there is anything wrong with being old). I also vote against "New Beginnings" unless you are planning to abandon the blog after a year or so. But you can always change your blog title.

    Whatever you decide, you can always put a sub-title underneath your new blog title, which you might want to do with "From Three to Six" and "Bill's Blog," both of which I like.

  3. I really like the New Beginnings title. It is very hopeful and a testament that even when life throws the impossible at us, life is always changing and happiness is possible again.

  4. I kind of like ..... inside bill's head


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