Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recent Conversations

I haven’t done this in a long time…don’t anyone be offended, it’s all good harmless humor

The Setup -- Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” is playing on the radio.

Abbie – What’s a virgin?
Me – Uh, someone who is very pure
Abbie – Oh, then I’m a virgin because I’m pure.
Me – Right…uh yes you are
Allie – Well I’m pure so I guess I’m a virgin
Abbie – Well, you’re a virgin too Dad because you are pure
Me – Well…sure…uh….

And with that I turned the radio station to a different song. I went upstairs for a minute and don’t you know what songs comes on next – “I want your sex” by George Michael.

Abbie – Hey dad what does
Me – DON”T WORRY about it.
Allie was just looking confused…

AND WITH THAT…I turned the radio to Radio Disney…

The Setup – Watching the Steelers / Ravens game last Sunday

The show a picture of Ray Lewis yelling and screaming on the field

Abbie – Dad that man looks crazy
Allie – Yeah, he looks like a bad guy alright
Me – Yep, he is a bad guy
Abbie – I like the purple uniforms though
Allie – Yeah, purple is cool

Just funny how kids see and what they find so innocent and fun

The Setup – Eating dinner and discussing the day

Me – So Kiddos how was your day?
Allie – Good
Abbie – Good
Me – Well what did you learn in school today?
Allie – Nothing
Abbie – Well {name of boy} can’t fit his knees or legs under his desk because he’s too fat
Me – Hey, don’t say he’s fat, some folks are big and besides would you like someone calling you fat.
Abbie – Sorry Dad he {name of boy} is just really um, really…well he’s really
Abbie – Yeah, good one Allie, he’s overfed
Me – (me trying not to crack up) okay, he’s overfed just don’t say fat okay
Allie – Okay Dad
Abbie – Got it

And with that every time the girls see a “big” person on TV they say “hey, look how overfed that person is”.

Breakfast for Dinner

I have instituted a new thing in the house – once every two or three weeks we have pancakes for dinner.

Abbie – Alright, pancakes for dinner
Allie – You’re the best Dad ever
Abbie – Yeah, You’re the best Dad
Allie – Hey, since we are having breakfast for dinner tonight, can we have chicken nuggets for breakfast tomorrow morning.
Abbie – Yeah Dad can we?
Me – Uh, no…but nice try
Allie – Oh man, you’re so unfair
Me – WHAT, I thought I was the best Dad ever?
Abbie – Oh that’s old news now

WHERE do these kids get this quick wit from?

By far the best…at least for me but a little sappy…

After we attended Open House at the school – I was tucking them in for bed

Me – that was cool girls, I love your classrooms
Abbie – Thanks Dad
Allie – Thanks, oh and Dad
Me – Yeah, what’s up Kiddo
Allie – I’m glad you’re my Dad
Abbie – Me too Dad…you’re a cool Dad

Just melts my heart…

Random Comments

Abbie, on her hair
– “Does my hair look fierce? I just don’t think my hair looks fierce enough”.

Allie, on responding to me, Abbie or basically anyone else
– “Oh, you don’t know what I got”.

Me after they get done taking a shower and/or bath
– “Girls, for the tenth time will you please put some clothes on”

Never a dull moment raising two little crazy girls...but they are awesome kids...


  1. Cute. The things kids say ....:-).

  2. This is hilarious. Thanks for sharing.
    I found myself cracking up at almost all of this post.

    Your girls sound amazing.
    Personally love "girls, for the 10th time, please put some clothes on"... haha. Can't tell you how many times me and my sisters heard that from my dad as well ... They'll grow out of that soon - dont worry ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing and making me smile! The girls are real characters (like their "cool" Dad :).



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