Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stupid FB

As stupid as it sounds...this is a very monumental milestone for me... I changed my FaceBook status tonight. It sounds so silly and minor yet I waited a year to do it.

Here are the messages you get when you change your status.

Status change to Widowed:
Your relationship with Jennifer Heid Applegate will be canceled upon saving.
Why...WHY does this bother me so much...I don't want to cancel my relationship...I just think it's a very poor choice of words. My "relationship" will never be cancelled...because I have two amazing children whom I wouldn't have if not for my wife.


You can change your status to Blank and here is the message:
We will request confirmation of this relationship change from Jennifer Heid Applegate upon saving.
Yeah, you can request all you wife won't be receiving a conformation request from her.

Again, very insensitive...and a little frustrating...whatever...maybe I'm reading way too much into's been a's been a year...

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Bill, maybe you can have a positive effect on helping fb change the insensitive wording on fb. I'm surprised they do not have a choice for widower, that adds, 'was married to an amazing woman', and then have her name? I know that they have different type choices for relationships, like 'it's complicated'.

    I agree with you, and can't see why fb doesn't or wouldn't have a few more choices. How painful for many other people out there, in the same situation, to have to read those options. There are millions of people on fb that have all sorts of different relationships in their life, and I'm hopeful that it can, and will be changed.

    About the year mark... wanted to tell you again, I really look up to your strength and commitment to being a great father and a caring friend and individual.

    Take Care~


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