Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy Week, Busy Weekend

I had dinner last week with a couple of the people in my Caring Place session. It was nice to get out and see them in a social setting. We had dinner and talked about things…how things were going, the good, the bad and everything in between. The folks I met up with are also going back for another session at the Caring Place in the fall so it will be nice to have some familiar faces in the sessions.

It’s a different kind of club. People who have lost a spouse “get it” and understand “it”. It’s different from getting divorced or just having things not work out. It’s hard to explain but nice to know others are in your situation. My point being that it’s just nice to meet other folks who are like you and are doing okay.

What a busy chronological order.

Helped a friend move on Friday (including packing and unpacking), Allie attended a birthday party on Saturday in the early afternoon, hosted a birthday party for thirteen people for the family patriarch (Jen’s Grandfather - was his 98th b-day), Abbie had a birthday party to attend on Sunday, squeezed in some quality pool time on Sunday afternoon, grilled up some dinner on Sunday night with good friends and wrapped up with the NFL pre-season kickoff in the evening to end a whirlwind weekend.

Okay, probably about 20 grammatical errors in that long winded sentence / paragraph but that was the weekend…And of course…I have to mention that the weekend is NOT successful without the help of my family and friends. Everyone pitched in to help with the organization, the setup, cleanup and everything else. It was truly an exercise in cross-dependency collaboration amongst family and friends.

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