Saturday, November 13, 2010

So check this out… a few weeks ago I wrote an entry on the Blog about how “Darkness on the Edge of Town” was not only my favorite Springsteen album, but also my favorite album of all time. Right after I posted that entry, I received an email from Lawrence Kirsch who happened to stumble across my Blog.

Lawrence is the author of the book “The Light in Darkness” which is all about Springsteen’s ‘Darkness” album and tour. Lawrence wrote to me to tell me about a loss in his family and that he enjoyed reading my blog and the words that I wrote regarding “Darkness”. It was nice and it really made me feel good. Then he sent me a signed copy of the book (see below).

So I just thought this was the coolest thing…here is a link to the book for any Springsteen fans who follows my Blog.

A New Bruce Springsteen Book by Lawrence Kirsch

It’s a good book filled with some awesome pictures and first hand views and perspective on what this album (Darkness) meant to them personally. It also contains a recap of the "Darkness on the Edge of Town" tour that took place over May 1978 and January 1979. It contains first person summaries from various everyday people who attended the shows on that tour. It's candid and raw - I can very much appreciate the views and perspectives on the Darkness album and tour. I would not classify this as a nice to have book...I put this in the 'must have' category for any Springsteen fan.

It was just really cool to have someone stumble upon the Blog…tell me that they enjoyed reading what I wrote and it helped them and then in return have it help me as well. It’s weird how things work sometimes. I write an entry about my favorite album of all time and it turns out in me meeting (via email) a very cool individual who made me feel good…thank you Lawrence…thank you I sincerely appreciate it!

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