Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving is Late This Year

Thanksgiving is late this year. I’m taking the girls back to New Jersey for the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m torn about going back home. I’m sure that an entire new set of memories await me once I get back home.

Since Thanksgiving is so late this year and we are headed back to NJ, the next free weekend we have is already December 5th – less then three weeks until Christmas. With all that being said - the girls talked me into getting out the holiday decorations this weekend. It was sort of impromptu and unplanned, which was probably better.

I always love the way the house looks at the holidays. Jen had a special touch when it came to decorating (she always secretly wanted to be a designer). The house always looked so decorative yet very classy.

Putting up the tree and getting out the ornaments was very difficult. Our tree is predominantly decorated with homemade ornaments, most of which were made by Jen. Jen made special ornaments for the girls every year. She left little notes about each ornament. The girls were pretty good while decorating the tree. I on the other hand, well, not so good. I did manage to keep it together to later in the evening. I did my best to decorate the house the way Jen did but it’s just not the same. The holidays are going to be very, very tough.

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  1. All of the firsts will be the hardest. I guess it will get easier as the years pass and you and the girls create new memories. You will always have the old memories and Jen is watching over the 3 of you so that your holidays will have a bit of joy in them.


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