Tuesday, December 13, 2016

So it has been 5 years to the day since I last wrote on this site…5 years…

Different people (folks that I don’t see on a regular basis) have reached out to me asking about me…the girls…life in general…mostly just curious how things are with me and the family.

In some ways I guess maybe I have been a little selfish by not updating my blog.  I started the blog for a couple of very different reasons.

One, I needed an outlet…a way to let out some steam and a way to…grieve.  Two, I wanted to let people in similar situations know that it will be okay.  That Life does go on…and things WILL be okay.

Some of the people that reached out and emailed me or messaged me via Facebook had specific questions.   How did I cope, what about the kids, what did I do when this happened…or how did I handle this situation…etc…  Their is NO right or wrong answer…honestly their isn’t.  Every person, every situation is different…but I want people to know that it will be okay.

I vividly remember one of the doctors, during one of Jen’s chemo sessions telling me that everything will be okay and it infuriated me.  How dare someone who doesn’t even know me… tell me that it would be okay.  In that moment…I was devastated…just thinking about what life was going to be like.   My point is this…we are all stronger then we know…and it will be okay….it will. 

The holidays are here…and it will be very tough for many people who have loved a lost one.  I take solace in knowing that my kids are in a very loving home.  They are bigger now…older...more independent…I still tell them that I love them and how important they are to me.   Last year Deanne officially adopted the girls…and it was something very special for all of us.

I actually have much more to write…many things have happened over the last five years…so I think it’s time to start blogging again.  I know this was a sort of random thoughts and ramblings…but I do have much more to say…I hope that the folks who are scared find the strength to keep on going…I hope that the people who are angry with their situations find some solace…and I hope that the folks who feel lonely know that they are not alone…and with time…it gets better….it does…I promise…

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  1. I hope you do start blogging again. Would love to hear how your girls are doing, hopefully they are doing well and living a wonderful life.


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